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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

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Mama Raccoon Teaches Baby
Many parents could learn from the patience of this raccoon in her multiple attempts to teach her kit how to climb a tree.


Chasing Waterfalls
Watch athlete Dana Jackson on this jaw-dropping kayaking journey over waterfalls to get your adrenaline rush for the day.

Watch Live ESPN And ESPN2 Over The Internet

At our house, we pay a lot of money to our satellite TV provider so that I can watch college football in the fall. I estimate that less than 5% of our total TV viewing comes through the satellite set top box—we watch Netflix or some other source of movies most of the time. I pay a lot for satellite TV because I really like football; but now I have another choice. There is a new service called SlingTV, an internet TV service. Their basic package includes more than 20 popular cable channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, CNN, TNT, A&E, History, TBS, Disney, etc. for about $20.00 per month. They also offer additional packages such as Spanish, Sports, or Movies at a reasonable cost.

You might ask why MVT Broadband is pushing these on-line TV services. We are pushing them because we believe that we are the only provider who can support them. Some local Internet providers use an outdoor version of WiFi to serve their customers while others have data plans limiting the amount of bandwidth you can have. An HD movie or sporting event can use 5 to 10 Gb of data—something to consider when using cellular data. At MVT Broadband, our infrastructure is fiber optics which is highly reliable and can carry a lot of data. We have no data caps and have plenty of spare capacity to the Internet, even in the busy evening hours.

If you want to watch TV over the Internet, please make sure your home’s Internet service is fast enough to handle streaming and give you a great viewing experience. An HD movie needs between 5 and 7 Mbs of data for the best picture quality. Check out the range of Internet speeds offered by MVT Broadband by clicking here.

FREE Featured Apps – These Three Are Well Worth A Look

Adobe Fill & Sign




Colorfy: Coloring Book for Adults

Adobe Fill & Sign
Tired of old-school printing, signing, and scanning? This app lets you skip all that and easily sign electronic paperwork from any device.

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Raise makes it easy to buy discounted gift cards that others are selling as well as offload those that you have that are just gathering dust.

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Colorfy: Coloring Book
For Adults

Think coloring is just for Kids? Think again. You can enjoy this relaxing activity any time on your device.

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Scam Alert – Warning About Online Hotel Reservations

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Create A Family
Organization Station



Cool Ice Cubes
With Fruit And Herbs



Fun Things To Do
In Every U.S. State

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In August

Use Water Wisely – Quick, think of 100 ways to conserve water! On second thought, just visit this site, which has already done the thinking for you. Here you can also learn about water-saving products, how to use less water in caring for your landscape, how to get kids involved, and many other useful tools.


Burger Tips And Recipes – There's still enough summer left to get your burger on, and this site can help you do it. Grilling experts Steven Raichlen and Chris Schlesinger walk you through cuts of meat, seasoning, and cooking. You'll also find classic, kid favorite, upscale, and international recipes, as well as some non-beef options.


Talks To Stir Curiosity – TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading interesting ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks, which are available in video format on this site. Enduring love, driverless cars, how babies think, why startups succeed, and why people laugh are just a few of the fascinating topics you'll find here.


Media For Kids – To help you use media and technology as a positive force in kids' lives, this site offers reviews of movies, games, apps, websites, TV shows, books, and music. You can also read articles about specific concerns like privacy and Internet safety. Don't forget to check out the family guides, blogs, videos, and other useful tools.

Short Tutorial/FAQ – How Do I Remove Something Posted On My Facebook Timeline?

Question: One of my friends posted something on my Facebook Timeline that I don't think is appropriate. Can I remove it?

Answer: Yes, it's easy to remove items (Facebook calls them "stories") that you or your friends post on your Timeline. Just follow these steps:

1.    Go to your Timeline and scroll to the story you want to remove.

2.    Click the downward arrow in the upper-right corner.

3.    Choose Hide from Timeline to remove the story from your Timeline. When you use this option, the story will still be on Facebook, but others won't be able to see it.

Facebook Delete

To delete the story entirely, choose Delete.

1.    If you don't want something you're tagged in to appear on your Timeline, you'll need to remove the tag. To do this, click the downward arrow and select Remove Tag. The post will no longer appear on your Timeline, but it may still be visible in other places on Facebook, such as the News Feed.

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