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August 2019



Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View 
Blooming Before Your Eyes
Need something beautiful to perk up your day? Watch National Geographic's time-lapse film of a series of flowers, each blooming in seconds.

Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View 
World's Most Treacherous Roads
From a byway with no guardrails on the edge of a cliff to a bridge so high it goes through clouds, these roads are not for the faint of heart.



The Fiber Journey Continues
An Update On The Construction Of Our Fiber Network

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As you probably know, MVT is constructing a high-speed fiber network throughout our service area so we can bring you the fastest, most reliable technology available. Many areas in our community have already received fiber and are ready for signups, while others are still under construction—notably the area around Moapa Valley High School and West Cottonwood Ave. We want you to know that we are working diligently to complete this project as quickly as we can. Our teams are working overtime to bring fiber internet to those who preregistered.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and areas of construction, please visit and click on the "Fiber Areas" button. Thank you for your continued patience as our construction continues! Your Stories
Whom Should We Meet Next?

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We hope you are enjoying MVT's "Meet Moapa Valley" video series as much as we have enjoyed making them. The people in our communities are truly special—you are why we do what we do.

Whom should we meet next? We'd love to hear your stories about other members of our community who are special to you. Who helped you out? Who inspired you? Who taught you or mentored you? Who is just a really great person? Visit, scroll to the bottom of the page, and tell us whom we should get to know next. We'd love to hear from you and tell the stories of even more wonderful people.



Khan Academy 
Khan Academy
This free learning site offers exercises, videos, and a progress dashboard for students of any age.
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Good News Network 
Good News Network
Get your happy on with 21,000 positive business, health, and life stories from around the globe.
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Practical Money Skills 
Practical Money Skills
Here you can learn about budgeting, saving, credit, debt, identity theft, the economy, and more.
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Almost Apple Pie - Video 
Almost Apple Pie
This Apple Pie Bake recipe is easier than actual apple pie (no crust to make) and equally delish. Just prep, bake, and enjoy!

Lasagna Party Ring - Video 
Lasagna Party Ring
Seeking a dish to serve at your next party? The Lasagna Party Ring is the grab-and-go version of everyone's favorite food.



Cut clutter. Scan in your receipts, documents, business cards, and other pieces of paper.
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Checkout 51 
Checkout 51
Get cash rewards on everyday items from your favorite brands and stores with this app.
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Upload a photo and convert it to the style of your favorite artist, such as Van Gogh or Picasso.
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Handmade Craft Ideas 1 
Back-To-School Crayon Frame
Make photos of the first day more memorable by giving your kids a colorful homemade sign to show their grade.

Handmade Craft Ideas 2 
Stacked House Number Planter
Put this adorable, easy-to-make planter near your front door to clearly display your address and welcome guests.




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