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December 2019





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An Unforgettable Cup of Coffee
This TED Talk speaker learned an inspiring lesson about happiness from an airport barista named Lily on Christmas Eve.

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Dazzling Christmas Light Shows
You won't believe these complex holiday displays. Some of them feature the synchronization of many homes.



Meet the Nominees
You spoke, and we listened

During our "Meet Moapa Valley" video series we've highlighted a handful of standout community members such as music teachers, Kim Delgadillo and Walter White, Charlene Udall at the Front Porch, Monte and Laura Bledsoe at Quail Hollow Farm CSA and Brian Rebman of Moapa Valley Mortuary.

We have also asked you to nominate members of the community whose stories we should tell next. We love hearing stories about other members of our community who are special to you, helped you out, inspired you, taught you, mentored you, and have been part of your daily life. The wonderful people in our communities all have stories worth sharing!

Your nominations have been received, and you can read all about the people who have been nominated on our Facebook page! Visit our Facebook page throughout the month of December to see who was nominated and read their remarkable stories. Get ready to meet even more people in Moapa Valley. Thank you for your participation in our community storytelling effort. We appreciate each and every one of you.
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Holiday Central 
Holiday Central
This Food Network site offers tips on decorating, food, and parties to make your holiday season sparkle.
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Picking up family at the airport this season? Enter the flight number here to watch its progress in real time.
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Financial Checkup 
Financial Checkup
Get a head-start on your financial New Year's resolutions by reviewing this list and taking the required steps.
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Sugar Cookies
Learn how to make a perfect version of this Christmas classic without getting sticky dough all over your kitchen.

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Easy Side Dishes
These sides are perfect complements to your entrees this season and a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies.



Try out your short-form video skills by posting to TikTok or just enjoy the fun from other users.
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Like a digital library card, Libby lets you borrow books and read them on your favorite device.
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Find out where to eat and make a reservation. Get points to redeem later each time you do.
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Make A Snowglobe
Don't wait until your next vacation to buy a snowglobe. Make one yourself! This video shows you how easy it can be.

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Repurpose Old Sweaters
What do a hat, fuzzy slippers, and a coffee cup coozie all have in common? You can make them out of old sweaters.



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