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Ransomware Threat Demands PC Users Pay Or Else

Internet Speed Tests Explained

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Hi MVDSL Internet Subscribers

FebruaryThere's a lot to love about February. It's the month of Valentine's Day with all those heart-filled expressions of affection. We hope you get to share some sweet moments with loved ones; for a little celebration inspiration, check out the Pinterest section below.

Also in this issue, there's a ransomware warning. You'll learn how to avoid being ripped off by this online extortion as well as what to do if your computer has already been locked up by the virus. There's more learning in store in the FAQ and tutorial sections, where we teach you about supercookies and give you the steps for editing a Facebook timeline cover photo. Be sure to also watch this month's "just for fun" videos and browse through the featured websites for valuable content.

The goal of each of our eNewsletters is to keep our subscribers informed regarding their Internet connection and to improve their Internet experience. We think you'll find this information interesting.

To see what's inside this issue, simply scroll down the eNewsletter or click on the links within the index to the left. Thanks for reading!

- Brad with MVDSL Support



Scam Alert – Ransomware Threat Demands PC Users Pay Or Else

Ransomware Threat Download Graphics to ViewA threat previously seen mostly in Eastern Europe has recently hit the United States. Known as ransomware, the scheme is essentially online extortion that involves infecting a user's computer with a virus that locks it. Users are told that the only way to get their machines back is to pay a steep fee — usually a few hundred dollars.

Security researchers estimate that about three percent of compromised computer owners fall for the scheme and pay. Why? They act impulsively due to fear and panic. These cybercriminals flash messages claiming to be from local law enforcement agencies accusing users of visiting illegal pornography, gambling, or piracy sites. Users may also be told that if they attempt to unlock the computer on their own, it will lead to the deletion of all files, videos, photos, and documents.

Victims' computers most often become infected with ransomware after people visit compromised websites that download the program to their machines without so much as a click. Security experts warn to NEVER PAY THE RANSOM; you'll lose your money and probably get nothing in return. If you do fall prey to ransomware, a number of legitimate security vendors offer solutions for unlocking machines. Talk to a local computer technician you trust for more information.

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Internet Speed Tests Explained

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the Internet speeds that you are paying for? A simple speed test is a good way to find out. You can click here to watch a video made by me on running a speed test. In the video I show you how to run a speed test from You have the results, now what? You may not even know what speed you are subscribed to. Most of our customers fall into one of three plans – 6 Mb down 1 Mb up, 10 Mb down 1 Mb up and 15 Mb down 1 Mb up. Your download speed should be within +/- 5% of your subscribed download speed and your upload should be between 0.8 and 1.0 Mb. We do have other speed plans, but they are not as common.

What factors adversely affect speed test results?

1.    Distance: A speed test measures the time it takes for your computer to download and upload a file to the speed test server. When measuring download speeds, the speed test server takes this file and breaks it into many smaller pieces called packets. It then sends a packet to your computer and your computer replies with another packet acknowledging receipt and integrity. The speed test server then sends the next packet. However, if a packet is corrupt, your computer requests a resend –causing a delay. Besides the physical length that the packet must travel, it must also pass through routers. A router will examine the packet and determine where it needs to go to next. This process takes some time. Generally, the further the packet must travel the more routers it must pass through. Additionally a town that is geographically close like St. George UT might not be close in the data world. A typical connection to St. George would be Moapa Valley – Las Vegas- Los Angeles – San Francisco – Reno – Salt Lake – St. George. We suggest that you test either to our speed test server in Overton or to Reliance Connects server in Mesquite.

2.    Congestion in your ISP's network. At MVT Broadband, our network has extra capacity and this is generally not an issue.

3.    Congestion on the far end. This is not as big of a problem as it used to be, but the Las Vegas server is a prime example of congestion. In the afternoons and evenings, this site usually does not work because of congestion and overloading.

4.    Other devices in your home using your connection at the time you are running the speed test.

5.    Your individual connection is not performing the way that it should. If you suspect that this is the case call us at 397-2601 our click here to send me an email.

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Go Pinterest-ing! – Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

Pin 1 Download Graphics to View


Pin 2 Download Graphics to View


Pin 3 Download Graphics to View


Turn Tractor Seats Into Hardworking Stools



Candy Lips Create A Picture-Perfect Valentine



Heartwarming Sweet Treats On A Stick

You haven't started pinning on Pinterest yet and you want to get started? If so, click here.

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This Month's FAQ – In The World Of Computers, What's A Supercookie?

Question: I'm familiar with the kind of cookie that tracks user preferences and browsing histories. But what's a supercookie?

What's A Supercookie?Answer: Yes, there are many more kinds of cookies these days than chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin. As you correctly stated, a regular cookie is a bit of text stored on your browser that tracks user preferences and browsing histories. Cookies enable websites to "remember" information about you such as your name, preferences, and shopping basket contents.

Recently, some major online properties have been identified as using supercookies, also known as "Flash cookies" and "zombie cookies." Supercookies serve the same basic purpose as regular cookies but are stored in different locations on a user's machine — for example, in a file used by a plug-in such as Flash. This makes them harder to find and delete, especially since a browser's built-in cookie detection process won't remove them. Furthermore, some supercookies have additional capabilities, like regenerating regular cookies to prevent their removal by the user.

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Sites Of The Month – Great Sites To Check Out In February

Go Red For Women – February is American Heart Month and 2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the Go Red for Women program. Check out this site to learn about heart disease, know the risk factors, and get heart-healthy recipes.


Learn From The Best – TED originally stood for Technology, Entertainment, and Design but has since broadened its scope. It features riveting talks by remarkable people (some now famous and others who may be famous someday). You're sure to gain information and motivation.


Quirky Consumer Content – When consumers and companies interact, strange and sometimes funny things can happen — like the Nebraska man who drove all the way into a pizzeria and then calmly ordered a pizza. If you're looking for fun fodder for conversation, look here.


Discounts Are Housed In This Cabin – You'll find a comprehensive collection of coupon codes, printable coupons, freebies, and other great deals at this bargain-lovers site. Whatever you're getting ready to buy, it's worth stopping here first to see what you might be able to save.

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Two To View – A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

Cool Video 1 - Download Graphics to View


Cool Video 2 - Download Graphics to View




Precious Polar Bears At Play
A couple of curious and energetic youngsters explore the outdoors while their concerned mother keeps her watchful eye on them. You'll be able to relate to the family dynamics in this adorable polar bear video.


Inside a McDonald's Photo Shoot
Ever wondered why the burger in a McDonald's ad looks different from the one you're eating for lunch? It's because the photographed burger has been primped for the camera by food stylists, as shown in this behind-the-scenes look.

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Short Tutorial – How To Edit Your Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

On your Facebook timeline, your small profile picture is the picture that friends see next to your name everywhere on Facebook. Your cover photo, by contrast, is the large horizontal image at the top that offers an opportunity for you to feature an image that represents who you are or what you care about. For example, you might use a cover photo of a ski slope if you're a skier.

Edit Your Cover Photo Download Graphics to View

To keep your timeline fresh and interesting, it's a good idea to replace your cover photo regularly. Here's how to do it:

1.    Log in to your Facebook account and go to your timeline.

2.    Hover over your cover photo.

3.    Click "Change Cover" at the bottom-right of your cover photo.

4.    Pick one of the options from the pop-up menu. "Choose from Photos" lets you pick a photo from Facebook, and "Upload Photo" lets you select a photo stored on your hard drive. You also have the option to Reposition or Remove your cover photo.

5.    Make your photo selections and save your changes.

The best Facebook cover photos tend to be original images that you took or created yourself. But if you'd rather get some help, a wide selection of Facebook cover template images are available online at stock photo sites.

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