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January 2021





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Dog Takes Itself Sledding
We're not the only ones who enjoy sledding. This dog pulls the sled up the hill and then joyfully slides back down.

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Dancing Mailman
Pandemic isolation is eased for a little girl when a kind mailman dances with her through the picture window.



Leaving Las Vegas
Meet Gary and Vikki Marshall

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This month, MVT's "Meet Moapa Valley" video series introduces viewers to Gary and Vikki Marshall.

Born in a small hospital in Overton, Gary is a native of Moapa Valley. "Growing up here, the majority of the valley were farmers," he says. "We'd hear a vehicle coming down the road and we'd know who it was by the sound—before we even saw the vehicle. We knew everybody's dog and half their cows. It was a quiet peaceful little community."

A few years after graduating high school, Gary moved out of the valley and began a successful career with the Sheriff's Department in Las Vegas. Despite his success in law enforcement, he eventually knew he wanted to return home. "I met Gary in Las Vegas," Vikki says. "We got married and he moved me out here. I was a little reluctant because I'd grown up in the city. But I soon grew to love this little valley."

According to Vikki, "Gary's grandfather used to say, 'I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the world if it was as pretty as Moapa Valley.' That's the way we feel. We built homes here, we raised our kids here, and we've never regretted it." Gary agrees, "I love the valley. It's home to me."

See the Marshalls' video at and feel free to share your stories of Gary and Vikki on MVT's Facebook page or YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more videos in this series.



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January is National Slow Cooker Month, so take advantage of the convenience and try this flavorful chicken dish.

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French Toast Casserole
What could be better than French toast? It's French toast you make ahead, chill overnight, and bake the next morning.



NASA Shows Us Mars 
NASA Shows Us Mars
Check out these "out of this world" images of the Red Planet taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Organize Your Reusable Bags 
Organize Your Reusable Bags
Reusable shopping bags don't have to create a mess in your home. This video shows how to neatly fold and store them.



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Replace a Doorknob
If you have a doorknob that's outdated or doesn't work well, follow these detailed steps to easily replace it with a new one.

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Turn a Trunk into a Table
Transform that old trunk you picked up at a flea market or garage sale into a cool coffee table with lots of character.



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