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Two To View A Couple Of Amazing Videos You Don't Want To Miss

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Surf's Up In Indonesia!
Complete with beautiful views, this amazing footage highlights professional surfers on the waves in Indonesia as they guide tourists and train the next generation.


Not Just Another Day At The Beach
Watch this prankster trick unsuspecting beach goers into thinking she's disappeared. All she needs are a "faulty" umbrella and a trap door beneath her towel.

Current And Upcoming Changes At MVT

Capacity: We recently increased our capacity to the Internet to accommodate growth and customers moving to our faster speeds.

Speed: We now offer a 100 Mb speed for those who are on our fiber service. We currently offer fiber services in the following locations: Country Lane 1 & 2, Lake Valley Estates, Greenfield Estates (Mahalo Circle), Haworth Ct, and Robison Farm Rd. We will add more locations in 2015.

Email: In the next 30 to 60 days we will move to a new email system. The new email system will make it easier to add your email to your phone or tablet. It will make it easier to manage your spam and email settings. You will no longer need to go to two places. Changes can be made from a single login. Finally, for those of you who view your email via a webpage, you will now have a choice as to how your email is presented. One will look very similar to what you have today while the other will look more modern, similar to Gmail. We will let you know more about this change as we get closer to implementation.

Free Featured Apps These Three Are Well Worth A Look

The Weather Channel





The Weather Channel
Being unprepared for the weather can put a damper on your day. But, of course, there's an app for that! Get high-quality forecasts and more.

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Found something online you don't have time for now? Just put it in your "pocket" and view later from any device no Internet connection needed.

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You already know how handy Yelp can be for sharing and reading reviews for restaurants and other businesses. Why not bring it with you wherever you go?

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Scam Alert Be Careful When Buying Or Selling On Craigslist

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Go Pinterest-ing! Cool Stuff To Pin On Your Pinterest Boards

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Uplifting Grapefruit
Mint Body Scrub



Turn An Old Desk
Into A Cute Planter



Time For A Unique
Bicycle Rim Clock

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Sites Of The Month Great Sites To Check Out In June June

Map Your Summer Vacation  Want to see something amazing this summer? Go to one of America's national parks. From Yosemite to Yellowstone, and from the Great Smokies to the Grand Canyon, the U.S. boasts many breathtaking destinations. Use this handy map to find the best one to visit based on location, theme, category, or name.


Free + Recycling = Freecycle  Have some stuff taking up too much space in your garage? Or are you looking for some new books to read? Either way, Freecycle could be great for you. It's a worldwide network of people exchanging things for free. Each local group is moderated by volunteers. Membership is (of course) free.


Make Cool, Creamy Treats  With a carton of ice cream and the right recipe, it's easy to create a cool dessert for summer entertaining on a hot day. You'll find a delicious assortment of options here, including Tropical Sherbet Cake, Mexican "Fried" Ice Cream Truffles, and Ice Cream Sundae Pie.


Protect Your Skin From Harmful Rays  Summer means sun, and sun means the potential for fun as well as damage. Skin cancer is a real threat, but there's a lot you can do to prevent it. Check out this site for general recommendations as well as those for specific situations like going to the beach, driving, and golfing.

Short FAQ What's The Best Way To Handle An Internet Troll?

Ugly Troll PicQuestion: I'm troubled by the mean comments I find on Twitter and elsewhere, including some that have been directed at me. What can I do?

Answer: Sounds like you've discovered one of the downsides of online interaction: trolls. A troll is someone who uses offensive, inflammatory, or irrelevant messages to illicit emotional responses from others and throw the intended conversation off course. Trolls thrive on conflict, so one of the best ways to deal with them is to ignore them. However, if ignoring doesn't work or isn't an option, there are other steps you can take:

  • Don't take it personally. A troll's unkind words truly have nothing to do with you; they're more of a reflection of that person's own problems.
  • Try being nice. Some trolls are actually just people with strong opinions or who need a lot of attention. If you engage with them nicely (such as asking for clarification), they may respond in kind.
  • Use your settings. Many sites have options that allow you to control whose input you see and don't see. Set yours to omit the troll's posts from your view.
  • Kick them out. If the site has a moderator, ask that person to take appropriate steps to limit the troll's access or kick them off the site altogether.
  • Set a good example. Trolls' behavior can remind us that it's easy to hurt other people online. Take extra care to ensure your own messages come across the way in which you intend.

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